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Welcome to Wealth Mastery Guide! You can now write for us by sending your best works for publishing.

Here, at WMG, we aim to build to best personal finance blog that helps people make the right financial decisions to boost their wealth.

We are always on the lookout for quality writers to educate and inspire readers by contributing articles to our website.

If you are one such writer or blogger, we can publish your article on our site and use our platform to provide you with quality backlinks.

Rules for Guest Posts

Here are some of the guidelines to be followed if you wish to publish your article on our website.

  • Knowledge in personal finance: You should have sound knowledge in personal finance and should be able to write high-quality content for our readers.
  • Original content only: The content must be original without any compromise. In other words, you must not have published the same article elsewhere on the internet.
  • Word count: All posts must be over 1,000 words without fail. While there is no strict upper limit for our posts, it is better to keep the wordcount under 2,000 to ensure better quality.
  • Quality: Your guest posts must be of high quality. We aim to provide our readers with the best readable content on personal finance. Your post must provide value to our readers.
  • Topics accepted: We accept a diverse range of topics on personal finance including budgeting, debt consolidation, credit score management, insurance, loans, small business/startup management, retirement planning, cryptocurrency, etc.
  • Editorial rights: We reserve full editorial control of the article. Article may be edited or shortened at our discretion. We also reserve the right to reject an article if it doesn’t agree with our editorial quality.
  • Backlinks: Yes, we allow backlinks on your posts. We are limiting our links to only two per post. Additionally, you can also have an author bio with a link to your site’s homepage. We reserve the right to remove any additional backlinks found in your article.
  • No monetary compensation: Guest posting is always a win-win scenario. We get a new, high-quality post, whereas you get backlinks, additional traffic and more exposure to your site. So, we cannot provide you with any monetary compensation for your articles.
  • Post count: Within a month, we accept no more than 5 posts from the same source.

Things to Avoid

We request you to avoid the following things if you wish to write for us.

  • Never send content with grammatical errors
  • Do not send content if it is not structured properly
  • Do not send other’s works as yours
  • Do not send articles already published on your website
  • Do not send article requests for topics unrelated to personal finance
  • Do not add more than the number of backlinks specified in the guideline

You can reach out to us at info@wealthmasteryguide.com with your guest post request. We will respond to you within 24 hours on business days.

You will also be notified once the article goes live on our website.